Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pre-Construction Question Sheet

I created a question sheet for our meeting.  I know that I will have more to add to this list before tomorrow.  One of the main things we want to discuss is the possibility of getting a seamless/frameless shower.  We've been told no, but I never take the first "no" at face value.  I can be awfully persuasive :-)
I will have my seamless shower when all is said and done.

Living Room
  • ·      How many outlets?
  • ·      Dimensions of windows of room?

Family Room
  • ·      How many outlets?
  • ·      Switch for ceiling fan- can we request it be put to the left as soon as you enter the room.
  • ·      Dimensions of windows in this room.
  • ·      Floor vents- Can we request placement?
  • ·      How many outlets?
  • ·      Thermostat placement- can we pick?

  • ·      Island- how many outlets?  Can the outlet be put on the side closer to the stove?
  • ·      Extra outlet in cabinet (paid for- for underneath cabinet lighting)
  • ·      Can I pick location for master switch (lights)
  • ·      Can I pick my own granite slab?
  • ·      No granite backsplash!!
  • ·      Is there a vent for the stove?
  • ·      Pantry- shown in the online version of floor plan- can this be a special request if not included (make it look like the linen closet on the second floor).  I can live without the shelving. Please make this happen!
  • ·      Does granite need to be treated/sealed?
  • ·      Height of the counter/island (for stools)
  • ·      Height of counter in morning room (for stools)
  • ·      What type of sink?  Gauge?  Single/double? 
  • ·      Faucet- What type?

Powder Room
·      Please do not hang towel rack or toilet paper holder.  Just provide.

Morning Room
  • ·      Can I pick switch location for lighting?
  • ·      Will any rooms where we roughed-in for ceiling fans have lighting until we can get the fans installed (will there be the standard lighting included with the home)
  • ·      Can door be placed on the side facing the street, not the neighbor

Mud Room (walk through)
  • ·      Is this hardwood?
  • ·      Can switch for garage lighting be located here (or move it to right outside the door of mudroom)?

Master Bedroom
  • ·      Can I make a special request and have the two supplied shelves moved to one side of the closet, making two levels of shelves, leaving the other wall bare?
  • ·      Will closet have lighting?
  • ·      Vent placement- can we have a say-so in this?
  • ·      Outlet placement
  • ·      Make sure room is wired correctly for cable.

Master Bathroom
·      Can I get any leftover tile, flooring, etc.?
·      Shower- discuss option of leaving the frame out if possible
·      Shower door- swinging door?
·      Where does ventilation go?
·      No towel racks or toilet paper holders installed- just provide please
·      No soap dish in shower

  • ·      Vent placement- why above doors?
  • ·      How many vents?
  • ·      Make sure the one bedroom is wired for cable.

  • ·      How is basement protected from flooding?
  • ·      In the storage area, can all of the utility mechanisms be grouped together in case we want to finish this portion of the basement off at a later date?
  • ·      Can Electric panel be placed in the unfinished portion of the basement?
  • ·      Closet under the stairs? As seen in model home.
  • ·      Can one of the light switches be placed at the top of the stairs?  Is there stairway lighting?
  • ·      Is there an egress window in the storage area of basement?
  • ·      Will egress windows be in the way of any future patio or deck?

General Questions
  • ·      Left over flooring, tile, paint, etc.- can we keep?
  • ·      Insulation around water pipes.  We do not want to hear running water throughout the house.  Do you provide soundproof insulation?  If not, can we provide?
  • ·      Make sure there is an outlet for the garage opener in the ceiling
  • ·      Bib locations
  • ·      Thermostat(s)- how many?  Can we select wall placement?
  • ·      Can we move the hose bib OUT of the garage?

  • ·      Outdoor outlets-how many?
  • ·      Outdoor lighting- how many, what kind?
  • ·      Lawn- seeded or sod?
  • ·      Smooth ceilings?
  • ·      Height of rough-in for morning room?
  • ·      Please put extra floor supports in high traffic areas.
  • ·      Adhesive and nails in subfloors (nailed to joists?) What type of nails (ring shank?)- want to eliminate future squeaky floors
  • ·      Are windows screened?
  • ·      What type of light fixtures?
  • ·      Lot grading- need to know about any issues- need to discuss fully, don’t want any surprises.
  • ·      Rock removal
  • ·      Can I pick foliage?

  • ·      Camouflaging the utility stuff in the yard
  • ·      Property lines
  • ·      Total square footage of home with finished basement and morning room
  • ·      What inspections will happen at what stages?
  • ·      Placement of home on the lot- we want to maximize our yard in back of the house
  • ·      Length of driveway?  Can we get it slightly wider?
  • ·      Will some outlets have switches (meaning, if a lamp is plugged in, could I turn off/on with the switch on the wall?)

  • ·      Pipes/hot water heater insulted?
  • ·      How big is the water heater
  • ·      Tonnage of the AC?  Is it enough for the entire house?
  • ·      Warranty info on water heater, AC, garbage disposal, all appliances, roof (is this information in the binder already given to us?)
  • ·      Location of AC unit, water meter, gas meter
  • ·      Floodlights?
  • ·      When will we get updates?
  • ·      Can we review all optional upgrades (for everyone’s peace of mind)
  • ·      Can we review cable/outlet placement?

  • ·      Review distances from each house around us
  • ·      What will our address be?
  • ·      Can we get an outlet in the back of the house close to the sliding door (for use with future deck/patio)
  • ·      Any attic access?  If so, could it be in the laundry room, as opposed to one of the bedrooms or hallway?
  • ·      In all bedrooms- can we get a switch to control outlets for lamps in addition to the overhead light switch?
  • ·      Outlets in storage area?

I hope my SR and PM aren't too put off by this list.  I really just want a nice home and be involved in the process as this is coming to fruition.  Let the fun begin!

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