Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Furniture Purchases

Restoration Hardware is my new favorite store.  Love it.  My wallet, however, does not.  Thank goodness I live just a short drive away from 2 of the stores' outlets.  One of them gives an extra 40% off of the already reduced sale price.
 Example- the table for my morning room is listed at around $3500 in the retail store.  In the outlet today I found the same one for $2100 PLUS an extra 40% off.  I also found a shelving unit for the morning room that was about $1400 retail, but was $997 in the outlet, plus an extra 40% off!  Woo-Whoo!!

Not a picture of my actual table, but it is the same one.  This is a picture from the Restoration  Hardware website.

I just love the rough, rustic look of the distressed wood.  

These are not the chairs I am getting.  We haven't made it that far yet.  We are just psyched to not have paid over $3500 for this table!

The only thing about the outlet store is sometimes it's hit or miss.  Some of the pieces are defective (pieces missing, nicks, gouges, chunks of wood missing, discolorations, etc).  But from what I see, most are simply returns from the retail stores or pieces that may have been slightly damaged during delivery.  My table has just an ever so slight visible scratch on the foot.  Nothing that the color kit, which you can buy from the company, can't fix!  It is also not the first size that I would have chosen. This sucker is 108" without the leaves, and 144" with them in!!  Too big for the 15'3"x9'11" Ryan Venice morning room.  We plan on leaving the leaves off, but even at that, this table would only leave me about 3 feet on each end from the wall/slider if we center it.  I would have preferred the 84" or 96" table, but oh well.  You can't be picky when getting such a great deal!
I could not get pictures of my actual table because it was in the stockroom of the store and I forgot to bring my camera into the stockroom when I was allowed in the back to look at it.

Here is the actual shelving unit we also bought.  I envision stacking various beautiful pieces of white dishes on it.

Now, if they could just break ground on the house where all of this furniture will  reside.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Should I Be Mad?

So, according to what we were told at our pre-construction meeting, we were to break ground sometime this week.  Originally we were told on the 11th, then at the meeting we were told the week of the 11th.  Anyway, so I text our PM and assistant PM today (mind you, I have only briefly met the PM.  The assistant PM was the person present for our pre-con. meeting) and asked them to text me the exact day when ground was being broken this week.  Sometime later, I get a text back stating, "Looking at our schedule, your home should be breaking ground next Monday.  We are in a pre-start phase and getting everything ready to begin."  He then states that someone from sales should have contacted me to let me know about the change.  They did apologize on their behalf, and said they should have done a better job with making sure someone from the sales office had contacted us.  This "bump-back" in schedule happened 2 weeks ago.
First, let me say that I totally know that all of the patience and other various Christian-like qualities that I've been praying for is working.  I did not go "Crazy Shequanna" on anyone concerning this. So, thank God for the little things!
*Side note- Crazy Shequanna is my alter-ego who only comes out to play when invited.  Believe me, you don't want to invite her.*

A Crazy Shequanna face

A Crazy Shequanna gesture

Second, what the heck is a pre-start phase?  If anyone out there in the bloggesphere knows, please enlighten me.
I know things happen, but dangit, I just want my house started!  We've been waiting for what seems like forever for them to break ground (over 2 months)!  Grrrrr.............  And to top this off, interest rates are on the rise!!!! Ughhhhhh.................
So, I ask again, should I be mad?