Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting, Day 32 (Sept. 18th)

The pre-drywall meeting went very well.  It was rather quick, partly because I didn't really have any questions. The inspector we hired seemed to answer everything on Tuesday.  The concerns we had wight he truss and gussets are being addressed and repaired.  The engineer will be providing us paperwork as well.
I can't say enough about our PM.  He has been awesome.
We found out that the salesperson we have been dealing with is leaving.  This would be the 2nd one to leave in 7 months.  I wonder what's going on in that end of the business?  I expressed my utter satisfaction with the building process to my PM, while the sales process was lacking.  There were many things we could have added to our home that we had no idea we could get.  We specifically asked about a deck, and were told that they do not do them anymore.  That was not true.  Our PM said that it was an option.  He even gave us the name and number of the company that Ryan uses.  This would have been nice to roll into our mortgage.  Oh well.
While walking around the home at this point, we are regretting not doing a couple of things.  Those optional morning room windows would have been nice.  My husband even mentioned this, and he usually could care less about the cosmetics of a home.  But the downside of these windows would have been the view- the side of our neighbors home.  We would have opted for more recessed lights in some other places in the house.
I think that the laundry room is a bunch of wasted space.  I mean really, it could be used as another bathroom.  It should be.  I don't know anyone who needs this much room to wash and dry clothes.  Well, unless you have a family of 8 or so, maybe.  Seriously, it is a massive room, all things considered.  I asked the PM about knocking out that wall between the laundry room and the master bath to make the master bath larger to fit in a tub (at a later date), because we opted for the alternate bath set-up with just the shower.  He said that it is possible, but that it would be a large cost because all of the plumbing would have to be moved.
I told the PM about all of the extra recessed lights (10 extra in all) were not what we paid for.  He did confirm that they were not "per plan" and that it was probably an oversight on their end.  He said they were in now, and that they're staying!  I said thank you Ryan Homes!  We both laughed.

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