Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Been A While

Since my last post we got our loan approval letter.  It had one stipulation in it that I know we will not be able to meet.  My student loans are on deferment until October of 2015, as I am in grad school right now.  NVR stated that we must close by October 20th of this year, because they did not count my student loan payments in our debt to credit ratio.  It's already very low, so I do not know why they would see a $200 a month payment as a hardship for us. But anyway, per our SA, the earliest that our house will be ready is in November.  So we called NVR to tell them this.  We simply would not be able to meet that part of the agreement.   We have not heard anything in over a week from NVR, but our SA scheduled our pre-construction meeting for the end of this month knowing this.  We also have a date for breaking ground, so I guess this whole loan thing is not a big deal(?).  I will feel much more comfortable when we hear from NVR stating that they have retracted that stipulation of the loan.
Anyhow, I snuck into one of the Venices that is being built across from out lot.  There are two being built on the same small corner across from us.
Hubby in the kitchen.  I like these cabinets, but am glad I went with the all white choice.

This house has the optional morning room windows.  I am sorta regretting not getting them :-(

Double sink in master bath.  We chose this option, just not in granite.  Kinda wish we had the single sink now.  I need counter space!

Exterior of the house.

Another view of the kitchen.

Are these many recessed lights standard?  I hope so.

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