Thursday, May 8, 2014

And Here We Go!!

Well, we have officially begun.  Building our first home together.  My husband has had experience with building, I have not.  He built that home before he met me.  It was our first home together.  A true starter home.  I loved it.  Didn't realize how much until we moved from Texas to Northern Virginia.  We have been in an apartment since we moved to the area almost 5 years ago.  We never seriously considered getting a house here because of the sticker shock in this area.  We actually hated this part of the country- job brought us here.  We wanted to go back to Texas for a time.  I think that we're resigned to the fact that Northern Virginia is our home for now, especially since we are building a Venice!
We are in the very early stages of tis process.  We just met with NVR (Ryan Homes mortgage company) on Monday.  Next Wednesday we have an appointment to pick specifics for the house (cabinets, fixtures, etc).
Anyway, here are some pics of our lot.  It is an upgrade, since it is a corner lot.  We really wanted to be sure to have a backyard that was more than a square foot of grass!  Hopefully we will.  I'm still unsure about the actual square footage of the back of the house to the property line.

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