Saturday, November 1, 2014

In the Homestretch....Day 76

Only 6 more days (hopefully).   It just depends on if the late VA appraisal (took place sometime last week, without us or Ryan Homes knowing) can be processed in time for Friday.  If not, we'll be pushed back 1 or 2 business days.  I'm trying to stay positive and believing for the best!

I'm counting down the minutes.  We are so ready.

Anyway, here are some pics (a lot of pics- sorry).  I know I've taken a lot of my kitchen, but goodness, I think it is just so beautiful (thank you hubby for letting me spend whatever I wanted in this room!) I can't keep from staring at it every time I visit.
I am really impressed, overall, with everything!
Those boots were made for walking'.....just not in my house, on my new floors!  Thank you trades for being professional!
Tree 2.

I am in love with this stone!
BOOOOOO for utilities in your yard!!!
A big, beautiful, glorious Rome being built next door.
I think the granite guys did an oopsie, because there were three holes drilled in the granite for the Camerist Chrome faucet- it only needs two.  I think they had to upgrade our faucet because of this.


  1. Look at that beauty!!! That stone, that KITCHEN, that closet...whoooo hoooo! Everything looks amazing and I will keep these fingers crossed for you! Lets get you all moved in! :-) Seriously, you have a beautiful home!

  2. I love all,of it. The kitchen is amazing and love the stone and closets and landscaping!

  3. I'm loving everything!!! The outside looks great! The inside looks great! LOVE your kitchen!!! Everything is coming together so well!!!

  4. Natasha, I am LOVING all of the pictures. That kitchen.. the flooring.. the faucets.. the outside.. oh my goodness I could go on and on! Incredible choices! I am so excited for you! I just LOVE the cabinets around your refrigerator as well. I'm moving in with you! ;)

  5. Everything looks so beautiful!! I love that kitchen and your flooring! So exciting!

  6. Hey, Just ran across your blog, I am also getting a Venice and saw your beautiful table, where did you get it from ?

    1. The table is from Restoration Hardware.